BEAM Communities - What's in a Name Don't Call ME BAME

B = Black/Brown/British – African – Caribbean – Indian etc

E = European- Irish, Romani, Eastern European, Romanian,  Polish etc

A = Asian - South East Asian/Indian/Chinese/Bangladeshi/Pakistani 

       Arab, African, African-Caribbean 

M = Mixed Ethnicity, Heritage

What is CARE’s Mission for BEAM Communities
• To get various communities of people to recognise how racism is a divisive social
construct which affects us all, as no one gets a pass.
• To look at various ways of how we can recondition our thoughts, feeling and
behaviours without fear which is the driving force of inequality, discrimination and
• We want to change the narrative to promote allyship while recognising other
communities who are also disadvantaged and marginalised as part of the fight
for equality.
• While not forgetting our Identity, our heritage and our individual experiences and