Policing In the Community

What are Your Rights?

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A.K.I.P Little Black Book

Applied Knowledge Is Power - A.K.I.P

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SuCoTeTo Wreath of Remembrance Hope and Healing

Why is it called the SuCoTeTo Wreath of Remembrance Hope and Healing?

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BEAM Communities - What's in a Name Don't Call ME BAME

So what does BEAM stand for: -

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Poetry Evening

Poetry is a form of relaxation, healing and restoration. At CARE we value poetry as a source to help people in their recovery from racial trauma.

African and Caribbean Banquet

Skyline Radio Promotion

Skyline Radio CARE Interview

Skyline Radio Promotion

Civility Awards King Clyde Rivers Ghana

BIG DEBATE Black Vs Black?

Addressing the myths, facts and relationships between African and Caribbean people Topics: - Black Brethren - Mixed Relationships/Marriage - Cultural Conflict - Family Reunion - Healing of the Nations - Divide and they Rule - Unite and Reform - Sibling Rivalry - Black Power - The Elephant in the British Room - United Nations - Onward Christian Soldiers - Black Brethren