SuCoTeTo Wreath of Remembrance Hope and Healing

The name of the products enslaved people picked are used widely and thoroughly enjoyed on a global scale. The products Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, and Tobacco have been condensed to form the acronym - SuCoTeTo 


1. The Wreath – the brown for the colour of the Coffee, Cocoa, Tea and Tobacco

2. The Cotton flower

3. The Square – the Sugar Cube

4. The Red Dot – is for the blood shed, as a result of harvesting the products. Also, for deaths via enslavement, deaths via activism, deaths via the community, deaths via war and deaths via police violence and brutality.

Moreover, ultimate, a dark red dot is for God who died for the world and his hatred of racial discrimination based on skin colour. Hence John 3:16. We are all One Blood, One Race, One People Act 17:26.

This wreath also stands for a tool of change to help combat the social construct of institutional and systemic racial discrimination. It will be used to educate, empower and raise aspirations of those targeted. Which is a global issue.