Ruth South


Is the Founder of CARE she was given this calling from God to start CARE and she accepted it. Ruth is a Counselling-psychologist and a natural hair, skin and health consultant. Ruth's Ministry is to address the insidious disease of Racism due to the colour of your skin through the REPAIRATION of the MIND.

Esther Douglas


Esther is a Social Worker/Trainer and specialises in relational programmes relating to attachment trauma and Restorative Practice. Esther caught the vision that Ruth had and when Ruth asked her to work and support her vision accepted the calling.

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Gilroy Brown


Is the Chairperson for the Trustees of CARE. He is also the Pastor of the Mount Shiloh Apostolic Church

Donna Palmer

Marketing and Media

Is passionate about making sure that people are made aware of what's going on in their community and ensures that the message of CARE with all.

Ian Henery


Passionate about tackling the impact of racial trauma through poetry and offering legal advice



Supports the cause in the fight against racism

Alphina Ndlovu

Treasurer/Team Member

Supports the cause in the fight against racism. Passionate about bringing people from the African and African-Caribbean regions together.

Colin Orr

Team Member

Sharon Platt- Macdonald

Spiritual Guide and Advisor

Ray Patrick

Advisor and Recovery Educator

Paul Lee

Team Member